Your smile pressed against mine

I found this on a blog, and apparently it is from someone's MySpace. It really is cute. Maybe unrealistic but ...

I want a lot of kissing! often! and almost everywhere. I want to be thought of as CUTE in the right moments. I want water-fights while brushing my teeth and pillow-fights in the living room, go to the playgroung together at night, cook together. I want to be able to flee from the big bad scary world into your arms and get my tears dried. I want to get tickled until I can't breathe anymore and play footsie under the kitchen table while having breakfast. Yes, having breakfast on Sundays up noon, it's sacred to me! I want to cook the most delicious things with you and eat them and laugh off our tummies afterwards. I want to be protected and protect. I want to weep with joy and it should go all tingly in my stomach, if the doorbell is ringing and I know it's you. I want to get told stories, which will really happen someday and some that are made-up. I want to feel, somehow, incomplete without YOU, because I'm ADDICTED to your closeness. I want passion, which never ends and that's important for both of us that it exists and that it's always ubiquitous! I want to get catched. You should find me sexy and tell me so, let me feel it that you think I'm, I want to find you sensual and exciting. I don't want presents. Small surprises, which don't cost any money are thousand times more appealing to me than expensive ones, bought impetuously and without thinking twice... I want to talk until morning and haggle over every second that you spend longer by my side - and win! I want to spend rainy Sundays in bed with you, cuddling, eating ice-cold chocolate ice cream... It should feel right to wake up and fall asleep next to you. I want to look into your eyes and feel at home. YOU are supposed to be the person of whom I wish that he holds my hand when I die. I want to have to grin dim-wittedly, because you're in my life. I want to be your missing bit and I want to TRUST you, want to know that you trust me, because you can, if you're the RIGHT ONE! I want to get you your favourite biscuits when shopping and, lying on a meadow, sleep through summer days in your arms. You have to be pacient, if I'm not ready, though we should have already left, because we are expected somewhere... I want us both to make compromises and listen to each other, keep our own lives without limitations and, still, becoming a part of the other one. I want to call you after 10 minutes when you're gone and tell you that I already miss you... tell and inform you what I'm doing and where I am, without needing to justify anything - I don't want to be restricted and I don't want to restrict you... HAVING RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER AND KEEP IT LIKE THAT! ...arguing, without overstepping certain bounds... that it can be pleasant to remain silent - without feeling awkward... Yes, I want to be a part of your life and feel it, too... Your T-shirts are supposed to hang on the clothes line beside mine and your voice shall make my skin go all goose-pimply. BUTTERFLIES IN OUR STOMACHS SHALL REMAIN... You should order for me too when I'm not there yet and I want to call you "honey" in front of your friends, without you being embarrassed. I want you to be a tower of strength and I'll never hurt you. Sometimes, I don't even want to be able to wait for you, to be together with you again. And you should "forget" your T-shirt at my place, hence I've got something until the next time to smell you at... When I'm 80, I want to sit in my rocking chair and tell OUR grandchildren how it was like, the first time we kissed. I hope that I'll find you soon ;-)

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